The conventional and unconventional sides of my life.

Finding My (Blogging) Voice

I’ve been pretty quiet in the blog world for the past week. There’s been a lot of inner reflecting going on here.

Earlier this year, I began a year-long course studying the seven major chakras of the body(See more about chakras here). We spend six weeks studying each chakra. Right now we are wrapping up the six week period of the the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The throat chakra is all about communication and expression. I anticipated some trouble working through this chakra as I tend to be a very shy/quiet type. My teacher recently said that I will say something brilliant and then she won’t hear another thing out of me in class for the next six weeks. I just don’t speak up unless I am highly compelled to. I tend to be more of an observer.

So, this six-week period has been about finding my voice. That includes my blogging voice. When I started blogging back in May, I decided I wanted an anonymous blog with cute names for our household members and I wanted to be able to blog about anything without worry of who might see it or making people uncomfortable. Only, I still did worry about making people uncomfortable. I wanted to blog openly about all things in my life including my relationships and my spirituality. But I was scared to stick my neck out there. Scared of making people feel uncomfortable. Scared most of all of opening myself up to criticism and judgment.

So, I stuck mainly to cooking and gardening topics and later on, some of my art. But I mainly left out this whole other side of me that is just as much part of me. I knew I had created this blog as a medium to be my true self but yet I wasn’t being my true self. The disconnect had me feeling anxious periodically.

It is time for me to stick my neck out there and just be me. Unapologetic and authentic me. I’m losing the “Dot” persona. Using the name Dot felt like I was wearing a ridiculous wig. It just DID.NOT.FIT.ME. I think my actual name fits me quite well so here I am (as taken from my revamped “About Me” page):

Hello, my name is Holly. I like conventional things like gardening, cooking, knitting, and art but as far as things like politics, relationships, and spirituality go – compared to the mainstream, I am definitely unconventional. I live in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Atlanta with my husband, Jim, my other partner, Micah, and our menagerie of pets. This blog was started as a way for me to share my passions in life – both the conventional and unconventional ones.


Comments on: "Finding My (Blogging) Voice" (4)

  1. Good for you!!Always be yourself!!

  2. I sure do understand where you’re coming from … three years into blogging I now mainly concern myself with getting too wordy … just my thing … but when I have a story to tell … I tell it … I remind myself that like the “delete” on email … no one “has” to read or visit … visitor beware LOL

    I began blogging to share the fun of creating … it is so therapeutic for me. I had no idea the amazing connections that would develop … all across the globe! It’s a beautiful thing!

    Nice to hear your voice Holly!
    gosh I got windy in my comment hehee

  3. Hi Holly,
    Oh–what a beautiful name! It’s one of my favorites…I am glad you found your voice…I think as women it’s important to put ourselves into something so we are validated….You don’t know–you could say something on here that changes someone’s life–a kind word, you never know what it will be…And you are inspiring others and making them become aware of their own feelings about existence and all that happens in their own lives…
    So, this is awesome!

  4. Wow Holly, good for you, you are on the way to speak your own voice! That’s brave, you have courage girl!!! I know a girl who does the same and I admire her for that. Maybe you want to take a look on her blog?

    I hope you find a comfortable way and voice to keep bloggin’. Your voice is worth to be heard! (and your art is worth to be shown!!!)

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