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In my last post I discussed the very, very basics of what chakras are. I wanted to provide a framework for the chakras before posting about a series of mixed-media paintings I am doing based on the seven main chakras.

I am spending six weeks studying each chakra. During the six weeks there comes a time when I feel that I have a fairly good understanding about the chakra – that is when I gather my supplies and start my mixed-media painting. I love to go to the craft stores and find neat fibers, scrapbook paper, gems and other trinkets in the color of the chakra that I am working on. Here is the painting I did for the Root Chakra:

I am actually making two of the same paintings for each chakra. One for our home and the other for the covenstead where I am studying. I was so excited to present this one to the covenstead and I could hardly wait until it was time to work on the next one for the Sacral Chakra. I just finished the Sacral Chakra painting this week:

I didn’t get a picture of the outer edges of the paintings but all along the edges I painted/wrote words associated with each chakra. Some of the words on the red painting are survival, grounding, and me first. The orange painting includes the words passion, desire, and sensuality.

I just thoroughly enjoy making these paintings! I am looking forward to having all seven complete. I’m still not sure where I will display them. Perhaps the upstairs hallway or maybe even along the wall of our stairway. For right now, the two paintings are displayed in my living room here:


Comments on: "Chakra Mandala Paintings" (2)

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